comp. screen with many ports, TV compatible?

Apart from a VGA plug, my computer screen has a bunch of plugs. One of these is supposed to be a composite video port, but none of my cables fit. Do I need to splice some wires or just move 5 feet to my TV?

(also, I'm not sure if it's PAL or NTSC. or if this would matter.)

If I have to replace the plug on the screen, that's not a problem.

link to screen page

I made a butt-ugly adapter for the composite port, no luck there.

Another Edit
V=Vertical, not video

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Re-design7 years ago
Here's a link the the manual.  Look on page #4.

What those connectors do is break up the signal that some older high end video controller provided into r,g,b, horiz. and vert.  You can see that it used a special cable that took the signal out and broke it into the 5 components.

Lots of point of sale computers in stores used this system.

I don't know how you can use it for what you are trying to do.
lemonie7 years ago
None of those look like composite-video to me.
You should research the signal-format and see what you can find.

Kirbsome! (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Well, the site mentioned composite video, and all those connectors look wierd. Also, what do you mean by "research the signal-format" ?
I meant to find out how that monitor works with it's RGB an those other inputs.

Kirbsome! (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I really no way of testing it. Partially because I have nothing with an RBG line out of it, and partially because of those stupid connectors. I'll try to hack together an adapter for now.


  I won't guarantee it, but I think you may be looking at Color RS-170 video or similar. That link explains it, but you'd need to "unpick" the composite signal with some electronic device and output it to at least 4 cables to get the thing to work.

Kirbsome! (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Thanks for the help, but I'll just use my TV for now