computer monitor flyback transformer?

is it possible to take a flyback transformer from an old computer monitor and use dc current instead of using an ac source to increase power

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lemonie7 years ago

MonstaM (author)  lemonie7 years ago
thank you and where would i connect the positive and negative terminals to the transformer and find the correct places to put them
lemonie MonstaM7 years ago
Sorry, something went missing there. The tube-driving circuitry pulses / chops DC to feed the transformer, so direct current it may be, but not continuous. Your easiest bet may be to use the board you've got in there with the transformer still attached - but be very careful.
If you want to take it apart and re-build, have a look at these here:
Instructables on the subject

You can't get a transformer to transform DC without chopping it up first !
MonstaM (author) 7 years ago