computer not responding!!!?

my computer will run great for 10 minutes and all of a sudden everything will go (not responding) in the top bar and then the loading symbol apears as my cursor.... what is going wrong? is it a virus? hardware poblem what! i have a acer laptop with windows vista installed.... please help or my mom is gonna kill me!

www1394 years ago
maybe one of the parts is damaged? If you take it to your local computer shop and see if they can tell you the problem if the problem is simple then you can fix it yourself! I would try installing 'windows vista' again you could have a corrupted operating system.
xagop7 years ago
if it is a desktop computer., there are lot of things to be considered why your computer is not responding. There two aspect to be considered a hardware part and a software part.
xagop7 years ago
Is it a desktop or laptop?