connect usb cable to usb keyboard

I have a usb keyboard. somehow the usb cable is disconnected from the keyboard. I opened the keyboard. USB cable has 4 wires (1 blue, 1 orange, 1 white and 1 green). The circuit board has code like C, V, D and G. Now which one is for which wire? out of C,V,D and G which is for ground, which is for VCC and which is for Data+ and data- the color code of USB cable I know. But cannot understand which wire to connect which code (C,V,D,G) of circuit board?

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CharlesE401 year ago

guys my key board has letters of D , C , G , and U what wires do I put to those

DionS12 years ago

I have a lot and here is most of them uses

G For Ground Wire Color Blue

C For Clock Wire Color Green

D for Data Wire Color White

V for VCC Wire Color Red

After All. Try using the Multimeter to find 4,3, 2,1 conections at the plug and it will

be easy to identify which is which.

I found now the codes.

G - White 4 - Ground

C - Green 3 - D+

D - Blue 2 - D -

V - Orange 1 - + 5V


G - Blue

C - Red

D - Green

V - Gold

Or Default

G - Black

C - Green

D - White

V - Red

That's It!

Any Error Blame Google!

zzxsw5 years ago
i have the same colored wires in my ps/2 mouse i think white is d- and orange is d+
blue is vc and green is ground. I'm not sure if its the same in keyboard.
110100101108 years ago
identify the vcc and earth somehow (find a big capacitor inside and look at its polarity and connections - near sure its vcc and earth. look at the num lock leds - sometimes they go with 1 side to vcc or earth. if there is a back layer inside the keyboard with just one conductive net all over it it usually is earth) now experiment with the 2 options of the data wires wire colors in usb cable are often not standard (many manufacturers just ignore the standards). use led and battery to find for sure which wire is who i guess that in the keyboard v and g are vcc and earth but dont just trust that
jpsarkar (author)  110100101108 years ago
V mark line, one connection of capacitor, one connection of NUMs led and one connection of CAPS led are in a single line of circuit board. Means they are connected together. Other connection of that capacitor and G mark line are connection together. C and D mark lines are not connected to any other part of the circuit board and they are connected with central processing system (big black) of the circuit board separately.
either google the spec sheet on the processor in there, find which pin is which, or hook it up one way, if it works, yay, if not, then try the other way.
today most keyboards have the chip as a splash of black plastic right on the board and nothing written on it
then v g are power and c d are data does the capacitor have + - on it ? use it to know for sure you can see by the leds too. in most leds (there are some leds that dont follow this rule though - mostly red blue white) the big part inside is - and the stick is +. then the entire big shared line it goes to is - or + respectively otherwise lets just guess that v is vcc and g is earth