connect xbee to webcam?

Hi im dng a project on traffic control system on emergency lane using image processing.Im done with the image processing i don't know on how to connect xbee transmitter to webcam..can any1 help me

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Can you get the bandwidth you need for video with Xbee ? I think its a pretty low baud channel.
esanthana (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Hi..sorry i dont get wat u asking..pls explain...
You seem to be missing some keys on your keyboard.

Video requires bandwidth to transmit it. Xbee doesn't have much bandwidth does it ? So unless you want to transmit with DEEP compression, I don't see how you can use Xbee to send the transmission, even if you can interface to the webcam.
esanthana (author) 5 years ago
ok.any other solution this for this?but i have to use xbee to do this abt picture??
You only get around a maximum of 250kbits/second from Xbee. What kind of bandwidth do you have from your camera ?
Yes, you can probably move a picture through it. Xbee is designed for very low energy broadcasting - so the bandwidth is necessarily limited. You could Jpeg the signal - but I have to be honest, using a webcam is probably not the best/simplest way to do this, unless it has native USB drivers, you'd be better looking for a video chip you can interface to.

What kind of computer power have you got in your unit ? If it HAS native USB, then you can use the webcam to take snapshots, and maybe even compress them on the camera hardware.