convert 12v to 14.5 v simple?

hello. i have an LCD monitor powered from AC, that i want to make to be powered by DC for use in my car.
the monitor PSU , supplies the controller with +5v and +14.5v. and i want to power the monitor from a regulated 12v psu. my question is, how would i make a dc booster, from 12v to 14.5 v at 2 ampere? thanks in advance!!

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iceng4 years ago
I wonder if you really need 2A on the +14.5 volt, it could be much less then the +5v.

Then you could use a joule thief to add the extra 2.5v to the available 12v + 2.5v = 14.5v.
Look into for a mini-verter to add 2.5v
Or even my powerful pocket thief could be modified too!

Most cars produce 14 to 16 volts but the truth be told you can get anywhere from 10 to 18 volts.

Get a small inverter my 400 watt cost $25 with it I can even run a printer from the car.
settra (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
i siriously doubt that a car can get 16v... especially since the regulator of the alternator cant get abve 14.5v. but anyway that would not be a solution because, if i had a 14v regulator for the lcd, i would get unregulated current whenever the voltage was lower than 14...
i am currently using an inverter like that. my point is remove it and work solely on DC.
You haven't worked on a lot of vehicles have you.
Then adds a battery to your input because DC up must go through an Inverter of some kind.
Or considered load-dumping, when you get HORRENDOUS spikes off the alternator....
Hey you can always rewire the car for 24 volts then all you need is a voltage regulator I mean what is a 24 volt alternator $300 bucks.
Your best option is to stick with your inverter. The end result of getting around the inverter may not be any smaller than your existing inverter and may be less efficient. No point in over complicating things.