convert coilgun to railgun?

Can I convert the coilgun into a railgun by replacing the firing tube with two rails?
Should the current pass through the rails only for a moment (as in the coilgun)?
Which can accelerate a projectile to a higher velocity? 

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railguns are technically faster. A VERY high current is sustained in the rails during firing, the problem is that that current can weld the projectile to the rails.

The real rail guns are using devices called homopolar generators to deliver the currents they need, not capacitor banks IIRC.
coilgunfreak (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
one more question: do you think the projectile can achieve a velocity of at least 20m/s if about 100amps flow through it??
550 foot pounds per second 746 watts 100 amps is not enough information need volts.
With some basic physics, you can make a stab at it, but I thing you are orders of magnitude off with 100 A !

Go take a look at
Their maths is well described, but could be better formatted.
Like Steve said you can but rail guns have inherent problems like the projectile welding to the rails as well as the rails burning out after just a couple shots. Coil guns last longer and there is a future in transportation in them.
coilgunfreak (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago