converting a 6v rechargeable halogen spotlight so it can use a standard CFL bulb. is this a stupid question?

  i have a 1 million candle power spotlight form home depot ($10) it has a 6v 1200mAh battery in it. 

I want to make the rechargable light able to use low powered CFL bulbs.  can it be done? 

Anyone know?  

Thank yall 

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I used the same torch to make a bicycle light ...but what i find is that the lead battery does not hold a charge.
possibly due to age, or being sat on the shelf too long.

Not really practical. You'd be much better putting a big LED in it instead. CFLs aren't a good match for the reflector in the spotlight, and you'll have to find a way to drive the high voltage that the CFL needs too.

Stick to a LED
Seconded:  Get a pile of high-power leds in there.
Nice repurpose of a waterbottle.
one might say it was Re-design...ed.
Good link.
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