cool alternative to bed?

hello all i have a slight problem you see i HATE my bed it is very firm and is not really that good on my back too  the list goes on so what i want to do is build /make something that will finally let me get a good night's sleep i would like a hammock but i cant put any form of hole in the walls what i want ideally is a bean bag bed but i don't know if packing peanuts would work really well


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Try a good mattress topper on your existing bed Some people like memory foam, some don't, but there are others.
Takelababy5 years ago
One needs to select a wide hammock. I'm 5'9 and I think the hammock is 105" wide. Plenty of room to lie flat when on the diagonal. They do take a few days to get used to as you can't roll over like on a hard mattress. But it;s the hardness of the mattress that makes us want to change position in bed. In the hammock I'm usually on one side or my back. I use two pillows for my head but that is my preference.
A good quality bought or well made DIY hammock can be better than bed for sleeping.

I have used a hammock in my campervan before I made a bed into it.

To get a good sleep in a hammock :

1. It needs to be big enough
2. You need to be able to lay almost flat and able to vary sleeping positions without the fear of falling out.
3. You need to be warm enough without getting too hot. There are solutions for insulation and keeping the rain out.
4. You need a place where you feel safe and not too much traffic and other noise.
5. You need to practice a few nights to get things right and comfortable with hammock sleeping.

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fidgety2 (author) 7 years ago
thank you all of you i have decided to go with the memory foam option
Try it first - we thought we'd like the idea, but found it clammy. It a very personal preference !
rickharris7 years ago
1. There is no reason not to put a hammock in a fram - I do in a garden without trees.

2. hammocks are actually very uncomfortable to sleep in IMHO

Get a softer (perhaps sheepskin) cover for your mattress.

I have a memory foam mattress - you can get cover made of the same - that I find very comfortable. Try it.

Re-design7 years ago
Unless you compartmentalize the "beans" you'll find yourself all folded up in a hole in the middle of your new bed. Look into buying a better fitting bed for yourself.