could a nitro engine (for RC) use gasoline as its fuel ? or i need to mod the engine ?

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jamie-cole6 years ago
no because nitro fule is a mix of lube and fule but good question
Rendydevara (author) 7 years ago
thanks for all
Don't even try it it will eat the seals in the engine and carb as well as possibly blowing up the whole thing.
Re-design7 years ago
I don't think so. 
If I remember correctly,  I've been out of the hobby for a couple of years so double check this.

Gasoline won't ignite from the glowplug properly.  They used to make gasoline operated engines for models that used a tiny spark plug and ignition system.

Modern glow fuel is either alcohol and oil mix or alcohol/oil with nitromethane added.
They STILL make 4 stroke engines for models
I did not know that.  I knew they were still some of the diesels around but had never even seen the gasoline powered ones.  Well except for the very large motors for the giant scale and acrobatic planes.  I assumed maybe incorrectly that the op was about 45 or 60 size motors.

Lots of large planes are built using converted weed eater motors.
Burf7 years ago
It may work, for about 5 minutes or so and then the engine will seize.  Discounting the carburetion differences, one reason smaller RC engines use methanol is its cooling factor. The alcohol fuel sucks much of the heat from the engine whereas, gasoline, not so much.  That is why gas engines have a far greater number of cooling fins than do the nitro engines, for heat dispersal. Perhaps you have noticed, that the gas engines are only made in the larger sizes, 1.2 and larger. Small engines just don't have enough surface area to do the job adequately.
Even if you can solve the carburetion and ignition differences, keeping the engine cool enough the survive is a major problem.
lemonie7 years ago
They work differently, those fuels are not interchangeable. You could modify the engine, but that would mean rebuilding it, and you'd find it easier & cheaper to buy a gasoline engine instead.

rickharris7 years ago
No not even if you add nitro - sorry.