could any show how to wire up capaciters to a motor to power up some leds for a idea i have?

what i want to do is take a small pile of caps i've pulled out of some cams and such and make a little bank to power up some leds without using batterys.i've been wanting to make a few wind powered items and have quite a few different drive motors and stepping motors to use as generators.but i really don't quite know how to wire them up charge them and then how to use em so they hold the charge without blowing the leds out. also everything i use is recycled, i pull it all out of older discarded electronics because i just can't afford to buy anything.

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Re-design6 years ago

Here's a great instrucable detailing how to build a wind generator.  It should have EVERYTHING that you need to make the generator.

There are other instructables detailing how to wire leds.
ripit (author)  Re-design6 years ago
i have plenty of generators what im lookin for is help with how to wire thhem up to the caps to store the power and then use the power without burning out the leds.i'm pretty sure i can't just use the circuts out of the disposeable cams cause that just dumps all the power out in one big flash, right?
Re-design ripit6 years ago
A capacitor can work just like a battery. If you charge it to the correct voltage it will be useable until drained. If your load has the proper resistance then the cap won't discharge instantly. But capacitors are not a very practical way to work thru your problem.

Use this inst. as a starting point.

How many volts your supply needs to be is determined on your leds and how they are arranged.  You can use this link to figure out your needs.

Or, there are several instructables to help you figure out your power requirements.  THat is the first thing you should do THEN you can design your power supply.  Not the other way around.

so you want a motor to spin and charge an cap and power leds correct?
yes,thats the plan so far.i've seen how they use capacitors instead of batterys and figure it would be good to power up a few different sculptures that i have in mind but dont really know with what exactly is needed and how to wire em up properly!i have a really basic idea but am not sure so i figured this is the place to ask!