could i make a transistor by stacking 3 silicon wafers, N type P type N type?, and soldering wires to them?

was reading about homemade transistors, but it is really complex, so would this work?

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iceng6 years ago
So, looking at a side view of an idealized NPN transistor.
N material is a silicon Si crystal doped with a phosphorus atom and
P material is doped with a boron atom.

Further the concentration of N emitter material doping is different from 
the N collector material doping.  .  .  .  .   A
lemonie6 years ago
No, the types need to be within a single crystal (piece of).
And silicon doesn't take solder.

It doesn't HAVE to be a single crystal (c.v. "point contact transistor")
...but it does help.

OK, I concede that. But, can you tell the user how to make one..?

Galena, freshly cleaved surface an a' couple of cat's whiskers - make 'em pointy by electrolysing the ends.
Keep it dry.
I think that I might have some galena (somewhere) - you'd need 3 for a transistor, or are we talking about diodes?

The Galena is one terminal I think.
Re-design6 years ago
Not this way but the original transistor was just cobbled together.  First transistor. 
iceng6 years ago
Only if you can bond them on a molecular scale. 

aelias366 years ago
Nope. Transistors work by having a very small p type silicon piece be very small, among other reasons. You can't even make a silicon diode like this, for the same reason.