could i use a split charge relay to controll charge to batteries from a wind generator?

hi. i am making a wind generator for my home. i have made the generator but need a charge controller for the batteries. i would make one but i have no idea how to and can't find any useful schematics.
then today i thought. what if i used a split charge relay? i could connect the turbine to the alternator connections, connect my battery bank to the car battery connections and a dummy load like a water heater or something to the leisure battery output.
what do you think? yay or nay?
thought i'd ask first in case it will ruin an expensive battery bank.
thanks in advance :) 

frollard7 years ago
It should work, so long as you detect all possible failure modes: overspeed wind = dummy load or short circuit the coil to stop the turbine...over battery voltage, dump to dummy load...etc.
ljarrald (author)  frollard7 years ago
okay, i was thinking of having the output one (that would have priority) going to the battery bank and output two going to a load of resistors or a water heater. i din't even think about over spinning turbines, how would i avoid this? i've heard that if you cross the wires from the generator it can damage it. thanks, luke
Shorting them while spinning fast can damage some components, but its your cheapest solution to lock down an already stopped turbine -- Current at near zero resistance is inversely proportional, and huge, so braking force is huge.
ljarrald (author)  frollard7 years ago
okay, so how would i slow it down whilst it's spinning? would i have to have to use a mecanical brake or could it be done eletrically?