could you make a cantena for a built in wifi adapter?

gmxx8 years ago
If it is a desktop, then replace the antenna on the desktop pci card. If it is a laptop, there will normally be a cover on the bottom to reveal a wifi card. It will have two wires coming out of it. This is where the antennas attach. If you post more details, the instructables community can provide a better, more specific answer.
ultrastatic (author)  gmxx8 years ago
It has two wires, a black one and a white one. I put them bothe into the cantena but nothing realy happened.
ok, a few more details would help. a) is this a desktop or laptop? b) did the wires have little metal things at the end? pictures are extremely helpful too
frollard8 years ago
You can, as long as the built-in wifi has a port, or somewhere you can solder an antenna pigtail wire to connect to the antenna in the cantenna.