create hard wired remote garage door opener?

Backstory (feel free to skip)
So, my grandparents live in an apartment building and they have to get a daily visit by a nurse for a condition grandma has (it's not going to get away till she passes, so it's not a short-term issue). The apt. building has a big parking lot closed by a remote controlled gate that can only be opened with the transmitter -the tiny one you hook to your keychain-. The nurse gets there by car and it is not possible to leave it on the side of the road so my grandfather is forced to go out, get to the ground floor, walk around the building and open the gate with the remote, this is really time-wasteful so I tried opening the gate from the balcony but the transmitter hasn't got nearly enough juice toget the signal to the receiver, on top of the fact that they're on the wrong side of the building.
End Backstory

So, I was set on buying something AC powered, with a seriously extended range, that might send the signal there, but could not find anything. 
Could any of you educate me on ho to build / mod something like that?

thank you all in advance

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iceng3 years ago

Easy put a lock box on the fence [see pic] leave the key-fob inside.

When the nurse drives up she opens the box with a code [you can change]

opens the gate with the key-fob drives in .

When she leaves she puts the fob back in the lock box


You can tell the management company that there are SMS triggered gate openers - like this, you send a text to the gate and it opens.

...that way, anyone with a phone, the correct number, and the PIN can enter.

Try an extra antenna. What frequency does the remote use ?

artifeffe (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago

thank you for your answer, I wouldn't know: how can I find out?

Depends where you are in the world. From your reply, you're in Europe, which means the remotes are probably 433Mhz, which needs around 66cm of antenna to be optimal.

rickharris3 years ago

Try - Wrapping about 1 meter of wire around the case of the key fob. Leave most of it hanging loose to form an extra long antenna. You may need to experiment with the length and how often you wrap it round as well as the direction you wrap in.

I would suggest you go where you can see the garage and walk back until your our of range and then start experimenting.

I should add here I can double the range of my car opening key fob by pressing it against my chin!!

Vyger3 years ago

I would try the apartment manager/owner first. Explain the problem to him/them and see if they can do something. In the US there is such a thing as the ADA, American's with Disabilities Act. which requires building owners to make things accessible to people with all kinds of problems. If there is a safety issue involved the owner could even be held liable especially if he is aware of a problem but fails to do anything about it.

artifeffe (author)  Vyger3 years ago

thank you for your answer.
we tried, The manager said he would brong this up in the next building's meeting, but the thing is, the building is fine, as far as Italian regulations on go.

Vyger artifeffe3 years ago

OK, I had no idea where you might be.

Try this then. Find out who the manufacturer is and also find the model # of the mechanism that does the remote opening and closing. This might take a little of bit if researching to find if it is enclosed. Often though things like this have an identifying plaque of some kind on them. Anyway contact the manufacturer and find out from them if there is a way to get a boosted signal remote. More than likely they do have one as an option for the system. You might have to pay a little extra for it. Or, if they don;t have anything like that they should be able to tell you if you can program another, stronger remote to emit the same signal. The guys who made it and designed it should be able to solve the problem.

One thing I wonder about though, most electronic stuff now comes from China. Do you think they might have Chinese to Italian translators that are a little more clear than the Chinese to English ones?

iceng3 years ago

Does grand father Drive ?

artifeffe (author)  iceng3 years ago

thank you for your

artifeffe (author)  iceng3 years ago

used to, does not anymore.

Triclaw3 years ago

get the nurse a keybob. if you don't trust her get a new nurse.

artifeffe (author)  Triclaw3 years ago

thank you for your

artifeffe (author)  Triclaw3 years ago

she would not accept one due to regulatins, furthermore, since it is a public service it's not really up to us to