creating a surface in Invesalius?

Hi there!

We want to produce an stl of a heelbone from DICOM files to print and use in an operation. The edible Chocolate Brain was the inspiration to use Invesalius - meshlab I already know so this seemed like a good option.

there are, however, limited manuals in english and infos to figure out certain steps in the Program ... like creating the surface for the stl - the mask has already been taken care of and everything else looks right, just this one step isn't yielding the expected result.

a link of the document in question to look at -

I would appreciate any help a great deal.

thank you & snowy regards from Vienna,
Eva Tucek

Have you tried DeVIDE instead, out of interest ?
DeVIDE is a TU delft project.

Jayefuu4 years ago
I don't have an answer for your question, but out of interest, what will you use the 3d print of the heel bone for in the operation?