current limiting for phone battery?

I have a very old phone and its battery is outdated, I am replacing the battery with a new one but that is rated differently
Phone ratings:
3.7V DC ; 350mA

New battery rating:
3.7V DC ; 860mAh ; 3.2Wh

>what is the difference in "mA" & "mAh"?

>My main question is ; do I need to put some resistor in between the battery and phone input to limit the current or the current flow depends upon the load ?, do I need to put resistor in series b/w the phone and battery or in parallel.

Try to provide a schematic to make answers more clear

NOTE: I dont want to replace the phone and am working on it as a restoration project.

Thanks in advance!

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Nothing is needed the battery is OK as is.

mA is just milamp mAh is milamp hours or to better understand, 860 milamp for 1 hour or 1 milamp for 860 hours.

You should be able to just plug the battery in and it will work for twice as long as the original.
MYawar (author)  Josehf Murchison3 years ago
Thats it! Thanks for your help :)
azharz3 years ago
Nope, You have to do nothing, your phone can do everything it wants. Ma is simply Miliamps and mah is Miliamps/hour. It just more powerful battery than your previous one.
mAH is NOT milliamps/hours.
You don't do anything. The phone will draw what it needs.

A few minutes with Google would show you that mAh are a measure of the total ENERGY stored in the battery.