cut plastic pepsi bottles? What is the best method?

I am trying to do a project with plastic pop bottles. I have to make three cuts and am doing it with sissors. My hand is killing me!!! I have looked at the foam wire cutters but nowhere does it say that you can cut plastic using them.

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I also have to cut a plastic bottle in half for a school project.
karnuvap8 years ago
Though I cannot promise it, I do not see any reason why one of those hot-wire foam cutters wouldn't be able to slice the plastic in the way you need. For the sake of your fingers, I'd go for it!
Pop bottle plastic (PET) melts at 500 F (260 C), and styrofoam (foamed or expanded Polystryene) melts at 465 F (240 C), so I'd say that the faom cutter would probably work okay. The main problem I see would be that with the higher melting point and higher density of the pop bottle plastic, you would need to go more slowly than with the foam.

I may just try it myself :).
Gorfram8 years ago
I use a Stanley knife/utility knife/box cutter knife:

  • Very Carefully. It'll cut me, if I let it, a lot easier and easier than it'll cut the plastic.
  • New, sharp, blades as needed. Dull blades are a recipe for frustration or worse.
  • The best way is to score my cut into the plastic first; and then go over it carefully, with light pressure, several times until the cut finally reaches all the way through. When I actually have the patience to do this is when I get the best results.
Gorfram Gorfram8 years ago
Er, that should have been "It'll cut me... a lot quicker and easier than it'll cut the plastic."
seandogue8 years ago
Why not use a serrated kitchen knife? I'd fill them with damp sand or similar if the shapes have to be precise (to keep the walls in place while cutting. Otherwise, I'd be inclined to follow Gorfram's advise to the blades are so much safer than dull ones. Using a hot knife or a foam cutter *might be ok, except that it will offgas while cutting..smelly and not so good for you.