cutable laser?

i know scientist have created lasers that can cut but how much money would it take to make one? and what materials would be need? and... what kinds of materials would be laser resistance, not effected by a laser... or would that depend on the lasers stength?

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oldmicah4 years ago
Take a look at this.

Their are several different types of lasers and different ways in which they cut. I.e. you are probably going to need to figure out what you are going to cut before you get too far in design.

I think high reflectivity is going to be the main difficulty, but my experience is limited.
saiyankev (author)  oldmicah4 years ago
thanks, I saved the page
so then there are lasers that can cut meat but not metals? and lasers that cut metals but not meat?... and of course I assume some cut super fast but some super slow

ya reflectivity would be hard.. would not want a laser shooting out in all directions with a chance of cutting everything...just 1 direction... straight
No, a metal cutting laser will, in general, cut anything you care to put under it, even aluminium if the setting is right and the laser is powerful enough.
saiyankev (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
so if a metal cutting laser cuts through anything, what would someone use to block the laser from going any farther? cause of course no one wants a laser that goes through buildings, then straight off earth hitting another planet... so what kinds of material... metals, mirrors or whatever can stop a laser? especially a powerful laser like a metal cutting laser
They don't possess infinite power. The beam diverges after its been focussed on the work, and the atmosphere absorbs the energy. Generally the beam is just passed into the waste tray beneath the machine.
frollard4 years ago
Excluding shipping you can purchase an 80 watt laser (entire machine) from china for about 2000 USD. After putting it on a boat across the world to somewhere it's another 2-3 thousand shipping.

Cutting with a laser creates dangerous fumes, so it needs a ventilation system also.

You can also check out and see how to build one from scratch.
Depends what you cut. Plexiglass turns to water vapour and CO2. PVC's nasty, I grant you.
rickharris4 years ago
Much depends on what you want to cut.

Paper, card, thin wood a few 100 $

Metal, thicker things a few 1000 $

+ You need a control system.

Ebay can offer you laser tubes, you need a power supply, a control system and the necessary x , y mechanics.
saiyankev (author)  rickharris4 years ago
thanks, so no way to make a very cheap but still hot enough laser? dang, well I guess I'm not surprised... not good for just anyone to have cutting laser