cutting hole through a book?

can anyone suggest a cheap effective way of curtting a 2-3 cm hole (any shape) through a book? Ideally laeving the froint and back covers intact.thanksJulius?

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mikeasaurus8 years ago
I've done something similar with large books by cutting rectangles into all the pages leaving the covers in tact, making a hidden storage compartment. From my trial & errors, here's some tips that should help you out.

  • Open the covers all the way back and tape the covers together, this will keep them out of the way.
  • clamp down on the pages you wish to cut through with a vise. By creating compression you will achieve a cleaner hole.
  • tape up around the hole you wish to cut, this will help the pages from fraying and making a huge mess.
  • Using a drill through a book will cause smoke, you run a serious risk of burning your book from friction. Go slow and pull back teh bit regularly to clean out the shavings and to vent the hole.
*The best way I've done this is with a a sharp (very sharp) hobby knife. It takes a while but you get a much cleaner cut.

Hope this help!
An Villain6 years ago
M61 Vulcan 20mm.
Aud1073cH8 years ago
I find that for single books, a sharp utility knife is the way to go. It does take a long time, but the results turn out much better. Tips: *Glue the pages together first. Any pages you don't want glued (like front and back cover, possibly the title page) can be wrapped in a sheet of plastic food wrap to keep them from sticking. --I usually don't wrap the back cover when making a hollow book safe, I just glue the back with the rest of the pages. -if you want to mark the back, you can add a page of neon colored paper between the back cover and last page, so you can see when you've cut through the last page. *Mix some white school glue with water to thin it down. You can use a 50/50 mix, or up to 70%glue to 30% water - you want it to flow and look like milk. Use a cheap paint brush (like the disposable ones w/metal handles that come five-to-a-pack). *With the book closed, paint the glue onto all three edges of the book, and let it soak in well. (save the extra glue mixture for the inside.) *When it is saturated and not soaking in anymore, lay the book down (on a surface you can clean easily), and put something heavy on top to keep all the pages flat while it dries for a few hours. *When dry, open the book, and cut the pages out with a utility knife. -Takes a long time. Be patient. *When done cutting the insides out, paint the inside of the pages with the glue mixture. *Repeat the drying with a heavy object on top. -This may take longer, because there isn't fresh air inside the closed book. Every 10 or 15 minutes you can open it for a few seconds to let some fresh dry air inside. *to make a nice finish, you can glue thin craft felt to the inside.
cdubnbird8 years ago
clamp down the book then use a milling bit in a dremel at the highest speed taking away only the top layer each time you make a circle. Or for a more creative way get some of those wood burrowing centipede things that eat books and lay duct tape around the area in a circle and each day coat the cut away parts with duct tape to prevent them from burrowing to other parts of the book
julius100 (author) 8 years ago
thanks guys. I've been doing it by cutting squares out with a sharp hobby knife, but it takes ages (I need to cut through 10 or 20 books). I've tried with a drill but the teeth cause the edges of the hole to "splinter" which, over the course of an entire book causes it to get fatter! hmmm... what about acid!!?? J
sound918 years ago
My freshmen year, we did this to a bunch of books for the theatre department. This way, they didn't have their full weight on the book shelf. We just took knives and cut a box in all of the pages. Don't turn the pages, but just keep them in a stack. Not quite sure what this is for, but this gets the job done.