cutting steel or tiles can i buy a hand held laser to cut steel?

is there any hand held laser that can be used on site

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Doooh. Forgot that.

I was thinking of the plasma cutter just then , and came back to post the answer.

Yes, Plasma is great. You need a good 220V supply, and LOTS of dry compressed air for the torch. Plasma cuts ALL metals very well, even copper.
If you go that way, get a HT start head, they are much easier to work with than "bump" starts.

It doesn't cut tile.....
MuzamalM1 year ago

i want to purchase a portable laser cutting machine which can easily cut metals in easy and simple way,

machine should be small , like a gun

if any body know about this type of machine just contact me on my email id. and tell me the price of this so i purchased you

Jayefuu7 years ago
You say steel or tiles? I doubt there's a handheld laser cutter available, that sounds much too dangerous. Perhaps a butane torch of some kind might be suitable. Or if you give us more details about what you're trying to cut (thickness, shape, material), I'm sure someone can give you a best answer.
FYI butane torches won't cut steel.

Sounds like a good job for the right kind of grinding disk - diamond for tile, and a thin cutting disk for steel.
philipatimms (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
 thanks how much can you buy a plasma cutter for?&how big are they?.
They;re about as big as a 100 A welder, since they share a lot of common parts.

Cost ? depends on how thick you want to cut.

A machine to cut up to 1/4" would run about 600-700 USD I guess. My UK price is around 500 GBP.


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Shohedul3 years ago

I need a hand tools that may cut up-to 50mm plate. It will be very small and portable tools. Can carry very easily. I need more then 100 pcs.

lemonie7 years ago
No, much as we might like one...
There are tools for these jobs if you want to say what you need to cut.

philipatimms (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 thank you for your time.shame they don't
seandogue7 years ago
no, there is not a hand held laser for cutting steel.
There are , of course, other methods to cut steel, including plasma cutters,  chop saws, portable band saws, battery operated trim saws, etc, that can be used on site. (presumably, by on site, you mean at a work site)

But you asked specifically about whether there is a hand held laser that can be used for cutting. Seems a straightforward, simple question, to which I still answer NO.
A plasma cutter is quite good for cutting steel, and looks really cool doing it. For tile, a diamond disk like Steve already suggested, mounted in an angle grinder.