dash and marker light problems?

my dash and marker lights are having intermediate problems and im wondering if i can bi pas the relay and wire it strait to the switch.  it is a 1991 Subaru legacy?

Vyger5 years ago
I don't know if there is a relay, most of the ones I have seen are direct wired to the lights switch and then through the fuse box. It could be that the switch itself is the problem or the fusees. pull out the fuses and check to see if they have some oxidation on them. If you have easy access to the switch and can identify which wire is which you can short across the switch terminals to determine if it is the switch that is the problem.
abadfart (author)  Vyger5 years ago
ya that's how my old cars were but this one is all relay driven due to all of the controls being in the turn signal. i miss my old dodge just because i could fix anything on it, i don't miss the 15 mpg
Vyger abadfart5 years ago
If its a separate relay and you can identify the wires you should be able to test it. I think most of those are "can" units, little square plugins. If you are positive of which wires are which you can jumper it by pulling the can out and inserting a short jumper wire into the contacts. But if you get the wrong wires you could burn out fuses and other stuff. I would just get a replacement can as they are not usually that expensive. If you want to try jumpering it be sure to use a power meter first to test which leads are hot. Even one of those little light testors would work.