dead TV remote control

on my new viore tv remote control my kid spilled milk over it ,what to do? It is plasma 32 inch tv, purchased in may 2009. Can anybody help me in getting it repaired. I am not in position to purchase another remote control for 25-40 bucks.

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bobdole56566 years ago
put it in oat meal ore rice then damp q tips to clean the outside
framistan6 years ago
I have cleaned HUNDREDS of remotes. (i once worked for a cable tv company). It is not that hard to do. First get the battery out of it because if VOLTAGE is on the circuit traces while the traces are WET then electrolasys could further damage the thin wire-traces making the remote un-repairable. Next, just pry the remote apart. Most remotes dont have screws holding them together but if you see any screws remove them before prying the back off. Next... you will want to separate the pieces onto your workspace. usually you will have 4 parts... the BACK.... the FRONT...the rubbery buttons panel... and the CIRCUIT BOARD. You will notice in most cases the inside of the remote is UN-believably cruddy and filthy. Don't worry. Just run warm water from your faucet over the BACK, FRONT, and also the circuit board. It wont hurt it to get it MORE wet because like you said, it is already wet. After all the GUNK is cleaned off, just dry it off as best you can with a paper towel. Be especially sure to gently wipe off the rubber buttons contacts and the circuit boards contacts where the buttons make contact. Sit all the pieces on the table and use your hair-dryer to dry all the parts. Dont over heat the plastic with hair dryer. When it is dry, just re-assemble and replace the battery. That will fix 90 percent of remotes that got GUNKED UP.

Heres a helpfull tip. You can place your remote INSIDE a ziplock baggie or inside some saran-wrap and it will still work through the bag. This will keep the remote clean even if you have BUTTERY popcorn fingers.
caarntedd6 years ago
Buy a spray can of contact cleaner. It is used for cleaning electrical/electronic equipment. Dismantle the remote, spray the stuff inside, scrub witha soft paintbrush. It evaporates almost immediately, and takes alot of the gunk off.
Vyger6 years ago
Since its milk and not water you need to actually wash it clean inside. If you don't the milk will sour and smell bad and it could short out the little contacts. I have done this with a lot of electronic things, keyboards to phones even entire computers (An insurance job for smoke damage) So its more than possible, usually the hardest part is getting the thing apart.
Make sure to remove the batteries, as long as they are not in it nothing can short out.
You will need a small screwdriver to take out any screws, and gently pull it apart. Some things (like I pod's) have little plastic clips that hold them together. If that is the case for this you will need to pry it apart carefully.
Take pictures of where everything is so you won't forget how to put it back together. Keep all the screws and small parts in a bowl so you don't loose them. I sometimes also use a shotglass.
Once you get it apart rinse off everything with tap water. Some would say to use distilled water but as long as it gets dried properly I have never had a problem.

Once its all clean and patted dry leave all the parts to air dry for a day. This way all the water that gets under the chips will have a chance to dry.

Then put it back together going the opposite of how you took it apart.

If your really nervous about trying it on this one first get an old one from somebody that is not used for anything and take it apart so you can get used to how they are made.

Its not %100 sucess, every now and then something will not work after its put back together, but this is where to start before you go looking or a replacement.
CameronSS Vyger6 years ago
Alternatively, clean with the purest alcohol you can find, which will not only be much easier to completely vaporize, but will also suck up any water and evaporate it as well.
yokozuna6 years ago
Like you would do with cell phones, try putting it in a bag of rice for a couple of days. Try new batteries. If those both fail, just buy a universal remote, which you can get much cheaper than $25.