difference between activated charcoal and activated carbon?

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jtobako7 years ago
Activated CHARCOAL is plant materiel that has been carbonized and steam processed.  Activated CARBON is coal that has been coked and steam processed.  There is a slight difference in what you end up with, mostly in the trace elements I suspect (if you look into precious metal clay, bronze and copper, activated carbon won't work for the copper and gives a different patina to the bronze).
caarntedd7 years ago
What's the difference between a potato and a potarto?
frollard7 years ago
Activated Carbon also known as Activated Charcoal;...

Same thing.  Activated carbon is made from charcoal - so both names are used and intermixed.  You say potato...
vengi (author) 7 years ago

vengi (author)  vengi7 years ago