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My neighbours (25m) play music outside every night till 4-5am. The bass is the problem. I'm going insane. Police comes and goes.
Need instructions on either option - killing, hijacking speakers or building directional speaker for payback.  Can't spend much and have no knowledge of sound system but have CB in my car, 1200W sound system with wireless rear, sub and amp removed from car. Any help would be great as Im already researching ninja road stars. The bass is so strong I can't cover it with mine.

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Vyger10 months ago

Someone is going to disagree and caution about starting a feud ---- BUT ----

You might want to get one of these 500 watt LED floodlights which put out 48,000 lumen, which is almost 3 times brighter than a street light, and put it up on a post pointed at the neighbors. Put the light on a remote switch that you can turn on or off depending on what the music is doing. It's kind of like shining a light on cockroaches. Hopefully they will run away. If you need to escalate then add a second floodlight. If you want to make it really interesting and have the tech ability you might be able to add in a sound activated switch. Then let them know that any noise above a certain level automatically turns the lights on.

Of course I am not going to mention anything aggressive like using a high powered laser to set the speaker cone on fire. Getting a sun burn from the flood lights should be enough.

Vyger Vyger10 months ago

By the way, get the cool white or daylight. They only cost about $130 each so the price is low enough to make this an affordable option.

Yonatan24 Vyger10 months ago

Green LED's, and STROBE! ;)

iceng10 months ago

Start a law suit of irreparable harm to your psyche...

Downunder35m10 months ago

If police is unable to help contact your council directly and mention the endless police visits.
All councils have laws in regards to noise and if constantly broken they can put up hefty fines and in severe cases even cancel the lease agreement for the land.
Around here it takes about 6 months after the first confirmed (by council) complaint until they start with sanctions.
But once they o the loud neighbour will agree it comes cheaper to use headphones instead.
Here at my new place I had the problem that one neighbour thought it is funny to restore an old car after work.
Often with angle grinder and compressor working till the early morning hours.
Removed his main fuse on the house twice after he ignored the words from the cops to keep it quite.
He is now without electricity for 3 weeks as his supplier thinks he blew the main fuse repeatetly and insist now to see a certificate from a licensed sparky showing that all is ok and up to specs.

Quite often it is even more fun using a universal remote and to simply switch his gear off several times at night.
Although I prefer to switch the input channel, crank up the volume to max and then switch the input back - usually blows the amp or speakers quickly....

Vyger Downunder35m10 months ago

I have to say that one thing I have really come to like about living in the rurals is the distance to the neighbors. My nearest one is more than 1/4 mile away. Nobody cares about what you are doing (big fires do sometimes get attention). I can walk out the door and shoot a family of skunks and it is not only legal but doesn't even get attention from anyone. Greater seperation deffinately makes for better neighbors.

Downunder35m Vyger10 months ago

Had that for some years down here and loved it too.
You are left alone, can do what you want and when you want to do it.
But if you need a helping hand it is only a call on the UHF away....

Fighting fire with fire is not always the best solution, the situation will likely escalate and you may cause further distress and annoyance to other neighbours in the area.

I'd advise to communicate with the police, keep logs of the noise, record samples on a dictation device or your mobile phone's memo recorder, and consider buying a sound pressure level monitor to record the dB (decibel) levels of the noise nuisance, log these readings too.

Depending on what part of the world you live in there maybe local laws or environmental agencies that deal with noise nuisance other than just the police, but building a case and keeping logs will help no matter who eventually deals with the complaint.