diy hamster tubes anyone?

i realy want to make hamster tubes for my hamy but i cant find good ones for a good price. O and i dont want the instructible by hazard. THANKS ! : P

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MrDyson1 year ago

This isn't very helpful for the tube thing, but every now and then I'll find a hamster cage at Good Will for pretty cheap. :)

maddjew4 years ago
I bought a pack of water bottles and just collected the empty ones as I used them. I cut off the ends with a box cutter and connected them with electrical tape, then I used a tupperware container as a sort of nesting area outside the cage. I have two Russian Dwarves and even with both of them in the tubes they hold up fine...
hungyhipo 2 (author)  maddjew4 years ago
dude my hamster is dead already. this was posted almost 3 years ago

That's really not nice of you. :(
Shesh man, she was just trying to help. Other people are googling this up as well and are also interested in the subject. As for me, I used plastic bottles and hot glue, and also made connectors from plastic rings I got from cutting up other bottles. I used a soldering iron to punch three pairs of holes a third of the way around the ends of the tubes and the connectors. Then I used zip ties. Don't forget plenty of air holes and drainage.

the poodleo5 years ago
well instead of making them, go to a thrift store, or yardsales, there alwaays plenty of gerbil tubes that r rly cheap
harry885 years ago
oops did not see the other coment
harry885 years ago
it may be expensive but pvc pipe might work ore you might find somthing similiar thats clear
9lucky26 years ago
in this instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Your_hamsters_new_home/ the author shows you how to make them out of water bottles XD
hungyhipo 2 (author)  9lucky26 years ago
i know but i dont have that many water bottles
GuineaLover6 years ago
Well, my mouse loves her toilet paper rolls! You can use the ones from paper towels too. Those might work if you don't need it see-through.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  GuineaLover6 years ago
o i allready have toilet paper rolls but i mean like exstensive tubing that goes outside of the cage
PVC is super cheap. I got some 1 inch (perfect size for a dwarf) for about $2 for 8 feet and a pack of elbow joints (no glue needed) for a couple more bucks at home depot. How much cheaper can you get?
hungyhipo 2 (author)  firebird9820026 years ago
i need it see through and i did'nt find any on the internet cheap
mac1006 years ago
Not quite a full sized hamster jungle, but use some wide pvc... ive done that in the past and they love it.
hungyhipo 2 (author)  mac1006 years ago
o ya i thought of that but it is some what expensive and i dont think i could get the right size for him PS: he is a dwarf hamster so ya