do I have to upgrade to premium to download PDFs?

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Yonatan241 year ago


bmcewen1 year ago

I am on a free account and can download pdf's of articles. Just tested.


Are Premium and Pro the same then?

Yes. It's a re-branding to coincide with the launch of Classes.

Does that mean you can no longer "earn" a premium account?

No, featuring still gets you pro/premium, it is (as far as I am aware) purely a change of name.

("No" meaning "yes, you can still earn Pro/Premium".)

iceng Kiteman1 year ago

It used to be a 3 month for featured and one year for home page listing...

Kiteman iceng1 year ago

It still is, as far as I am aware.

iceng Kiteman1 year ago

Good to hear :-)

BTW like your Etsy Laser Page

Kiteman iceng1 year ago

Haha, thank you!