do i need to cover pineapple plant planted outside for winter. live in va.

i planted a pineapple top , i need to know do i cover plant  for the frost?

iceng6 years ago
Pineapples are a tropical plant, take it inside.
Frost or freezing temperatures will kill it.

seandogue iceng6 years ago
+1 Even the most SouthEastern portion of Virginia just doesn't stay warm enough year round to support a pineapple during the winter. Bring it inside for the winter or construct a real, heated green house.
Burf6 years ago
If the temperatures get below about 50 degree F. you will need to protect the plant. I would suggest you construct a small tee-pee of clear plastic and wood to act as a mini-green house.
rickharris6 years ago
As ICENG says - in fact I would keep it in a green house if you expect to get fruit on it.