do u think high school students can build a hovercraft?

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amando967 years ago
 well i made a small one on my own when i was 8 years old, its not rocket surgery.
seandogue7 years ago
Yes. In fact I think junior highschool students can build a hovercraft. Even a clever gradeschooler can pull it off. As for one that will carry a tank...well...not so much.
paganwonder7 years ago
Students at our high school built an electric car- so I would guess a hovercraft is within the realm of possible.
iPodGuy7 years ago
Yes.  High-school students already have.
Sure. You'll need 2-3 large sheets of styrofoam, several old leaf blowers and a few large inner tubes. Maybe a couple of rolls of duct tape, too. Figuring out how to bodge them together into a hovercraft is the fun part.
jeff-o7 years ago
Kiteman7 years ago
Search this site for "hovercraft", and you will see how other high school students have done just that.
Re-design7 years ago
Given some guidance, materials and a goal I think high school students can build most anything.  At times maybe half the military is only a year or two out of high school.
google it !!  There is a ton of info out there fer hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to build their own hovercraft !
Burf7 years ago
Absolutely. Motivated students, along with lot of research and little technical assistance from an expert can build most anything they want.