do you thank it is a good ida if i go to mi to see my GF?

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lemonie7 years ago
Your website appears to be down.
If you're 16 and you don't get to see GF until summer, be very sure that you both still want to see each other before you set off. Wait until closer to the time to ask this question.

If you have doubts, you'd better think long and hard about it.  Think about what's causing these doubts. 

What are the obstacles in your way?  

What do you have to do to overcome these obstacles?

Do you really feel it's worth it?  That seems to be your biggest obstacle.
Re-design7 years ago
How far do you live from her?
How will you get there?
Is she going to be expecting you?
Where will you stay?
Do you have the money?
Is it OK with her parents if she still lives at home?
Is it OK with your parents if you still live at home?
Burf7 years ago
You're asking that question of the wrong people. You should be asking the only person who could possibly know the answer, your girlfriend.
Let whatever she says guide your actions.
This.  And also ask your parents and her parents.