do you want to enter a nail at contest? here to find out how.?

i want to be the first one to make my own contest..............

here are the rules: post a indtructable of your cutest nail disighn and name it 10124353, so i can find it easily.
but look ther are no prizes because there is no way i can give you one
so please do it for me.
ther wil be
first,second, and third winners.

                                                                             VOTING ENDS: MARCH 9,2013 at 5:00

   REMEMBER NAME IT : 10124353 (write it down)

if you are going to enter post a comment saying (I'M IN).....i will notify all the people that enter the contest who the winners are.

if yo have any questions just ask.

Picture of do you want to enter a nail at contest? here to find out how.?
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Fabio M4 years ago
a nail at contest or a nail art contest?
pianolover10124353 (author)  Fabio M4 years ago
sorry nail art
Cool idea

wilgubeast4 years ago
Cool! I love that you want to create your own contest. In fact, I'll provide a one year pro membership code to the winner as selected by you. BUT! You have to run it in the forums, not in questions.

Also, you'll need to send me a PM with a link to the forum topic once you've created it. We can continue this process from there. In the meantime, give frollard a "best answer" and let's get started in the forums. I'll be waiting for your PM.
pianolover10124353 (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
also if this contest dosent work out can you help me make a contest that will work then you can give a prize to the winner?
pianolover10124353 (author)  wilgubeast4 years ago
ok i have one in a forum,i made it the day befor yesterday but no one has entered yet so i doubt there will be any winners at all and also i having trouble understanding how all this works so if you know can you help me.
frollard4 years ago
While it is technically a question, it's not something we can really 'answer'.

I'd recommend posting this as a community forum topic - people could then just share their ibles within the forum post.
pianolover10124353 (author)  frollard4 years ago
im sorry but i dont understand what that means so can you explain
Questions is for a question you need an answer to, "why is the sky blue" "what is in this picture" -

What you posted is a great discussion topic -- and instructables has a discussion forum, just click on "community" ^^^ Up there.
iceng frollard4 years ago
Just so you know...
There are members with assignable pro-memberships to award as prizes.
Frollard is correct about moving your contest to a community forum topic :)
bwrussell iceng4 years ago
and that picture is unrelated and confusing, consider a more relevant picture when re-posting in the forum. Look for examples of how other community members have run their personal contests.
pianolover10124353 (author)  bwrussell4 years ago
good point
Whenever one of your ibles gets featured you are given a coded
three month free Pro membership which you can use or give away
as a prize by telling ( PM ) the code to another member.

You have very nice published ibles ask for help about being featured
from some of the editor people in About Us at the bottom of this page..
pianolover10124353 (author)  iceng4 years ago
how do i do that and what dose it mean