does a solar panel interfere with a qi charger?

I was wondering if a qi wireless charger could still charge if there was a solar panel in between the qi receiver and the charging pad. I was wondering for a phone. If you have a phone with the wireless charging capabilities then would making a solar case to charge it interfere with the wireless charging? I know that qi cant go through metal but is a solar panel made of metal?

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Wired_Mist3 years ago

Qi will usually work at up to 8mm away. After that the efficiency drops off to almost nothing (if it starts at all). Also solar panels are mostly made of non-metallic components (usually silicon) that shouldn't interfere TOO much with a Inductive charging system. However the Traces that link the cells will.

Provided you stay within that 8mm tolerance, and shy away from a metallic case on the charger, the solar panel shouldn't cause Too Much Disruption.

If that doesn't work may I suggest you plan to make the panel open up like a laptop? Then it could charge direct off the sunlight as well as your charger's battery. Could even have the solar panel on one side to charge up your chargers battery, then the Qi module on the other?

Good luck; Hope to see what you come up with !

pucksurfer (author)  Wired_Mist3 years ago

thanks, I am thinking of making a case for my phone and this will really help

Hey neat Idea ! So if you place your phone face down, the solar panels in back will charge it?

-max-3 years ago

I'd say yes. There is a lot of conductive strands internally inside the solar cell, not even mentioning the silicone which is also doped to be condictive. You can always try and see how much it will interfere.

pucksurfer (author)  -max-3 years ago

thanks, this is really helpful