does any body no how to put a swicth on a lawn mower that makes it cut on ?

racing lawn mower

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lemonie8 years ago
Cut on?
You don't mean "cut" with regard to grass, but with engines people usually fit "kill switches" to make them cut out.
What do you want to do?

midn769 lemonie8 years ago
 Are You Talking About The Switch That makes the blades engage??
lemonie midn7698 years ago
I was asking what switch the author was talking about, he's answered that, as you know. But a switch isn't going to do anything unless you connect it to something, which you haven't covered.

tj1796 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
do u no the swicths that they have in cars like for the nos i want to no how to put one on a lawnmower ( SO THAT I CAN MAKE IT START UP )
midn769 tj17968 years ago
 Go To Your local auto parts store and pick up a switch there. Drill You A Hole in your mower in a convent spot that is in a open spot measure your hole size across your switch,and drill your hole, then wire it up. Thant all there is to do..  
lemonie tj17968 years ago
You want to convert a pull-start engine to electric-start then?


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