does any one know what kind of car this is?

at some point in my life i would like to recreate this car in the picture.  ithink its some sedan or something the windows would be a giveaway but getting the details of the front and back. looks like a rear engine in the movie which is here;
if you have any idea what the front has in it, please put that in your comment, i think it could be radiator (a small one) and the battery while the lights wires are in a metal tubing. if anyone knows what studio made the car for the commercial please tell me if they have any websites or something.

Picture of does any one know what kind of car this is?
spy front.jpg
BMW 5 or 6 series.
According to the comments by other Youtube users, the car is a modified BMW 6-series, and the girl is Bar Paly.

Compare to this picture:
DehLeprechaun (author)  Jack A Lopez7 years ago
i think your right they may have cut the front shorter so that its flatter then installed new head lights.
blkhawk7 years ago
It looks like a Porsche.