does any one know where to find a jet lighter that is not on the internet?

I need a jet lighter, but I do not want to buy it off the internet.

the_mad_man7 years ago
I got both mine (I have two) from a tobacconist both for $8.
Some words of advice if your going to buy one, try to steer away from the 'novelty' style lighters (guns, nos tanks etc.) because from my experience they tend to fail for no reason sometimes. If you want my recommendation, buy a MICRO Sonic Jet-burner II. They look similar to a blowtorch but made from clear plastic.
The other one I own is bullet shaped, and doesn't like working when its cold.
fozzy138 years ago
I got one at taget for about 15 bucks.. works really nice but doesn't hold a lot of fuel, so you will definatly need a butane refill or two because it's really fun to play with...
Hardware stores. Smoke shops. Corner stores. Gas stations. The list goes on and on. Keep in mind that if you're a kid, you might be asked a few questions or outright refused.