does anybody have a steampunk mask? Im making one of copper and i need some ideas.?

id like to incoperate some wood and brass into it. not sure how.

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if you plan on making another one i reccomend using something metal that you would normally use for an eyepiece on goggles and take 2 of them and put them on each side of the mouth area. and give it a gas mask type look. good job on your mask by the way
finfan78 years ago
check out any of Bob Basset's latest stuff.
Could you post some pictures of what you do have? That would help others to know what you are working with, and make suggestions. Also, if you have some items that you think you might want to use, but are not sure how, post pictures of them too. I actually do have a somewhat steampunk mask. It's actually part of the Martian Deep Core God Particle Mining Apparatus that I made, which has a mask, helmet and backpack. The masks base was a gas mask, which I added several items to. Try finding different types of lenses (such as glasses ( I cut a pair of round brass sunglasses in half) magnifying glasses, camera lenses, etc., and build them onto the mask so that you can swivel them around. Half of the fun is the search and finding of random items and trying to figure out how you can incorporate them into the mask. One thing I recommend is trying to find items that aren't automatically recognizable as normal, everyday items. This gives what you are making an "unworldly" look and feel. If you do have recognizable pieces on your mask, try to change them up some so they look unique. Also, if you find something that you think would be cool, but the color or finish doesn't look steampunk, paint it. Hopefully you have already done this, but just search the internet for "steampunk", and you'll find a plethora of pictures which can inspire you. I could go on for days with more ideas of what to do, so please do post some pictures of what you are working with, and we can go from there.
biggy smalls (author)  thirteen oclock8 years ago
here are some pics of it so far. the one with the facets is the nearly finished thing. 1, the mask partway through the process 2,an added 3d transparent eye 3.the mask after it has been faceted 4.potential additives: (ffrom top right to left) circular metal chunk 1/2 inch thick foot from bottom of desk 2 petal springs from music boxes a circular metal ring 1/8 in thick prong from gas stove flame cover 2 small springs drill bit circular marble punch bike height adjustment lever small gear paper thin 5 in nail 2 3.5 in bolts chrome chain link old watch 1.5 in bolt small folding knife 2 buttons metal metal hinge lock and key bookshelf peg steal strip 1/2 in wide w/ holes 5. 1 in spiral electricians tube 6. 2 ft spring letter 't' from old car logo metal nut pick aluminum 'u' cut from frame gold chain wind resistor for misic box 7. demonic looking dagger handle copper 2 wind up clock interiors a perforated convex disc covered in design 8.finished mask old leather belt 6 in grinding wheel end cap hope you can help. i need the mask by thursday for a party.
steampunk mask1.jpgsteampunk mask2.jpgsteampunk mask3.jpgsm4.jpgsm5.jpgsm6.jpgsm7.jpgsm8.jpgsm9.jpg
Are you just asking for suggestions of what to do with the items you have? You are definitely making progress on your own. Good job. Have you decided how to wear it yet? I was Hannibal Lector for Halloween last year, and made the mask that he wears. You can make your mask wearable similar to how that mask was made. You can cut the belt in half, and connect the ends that you cut to each side of your mask, and they can buckle behind your head. If you did that, you would probably want a third strap to connect over the top of your head (so that you wouldn't end up wearing it like a necklace). Is there a specific type of costume you are making this for? Are you wanting to go for a certain type of look (i.e. funny, scary, wicked awesome...)? It's mainly trial and error. Start trying different pieces together, and sometime they magically fit in a really cool way, as if it was meant to be. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask.
biggy smalls (author)  thirteen oclock8 years ago
hey, thanks for the ideas! ive finished it and it works great. the strap idea just didnt occur to me as one that would fit the personality of thr mask but it mesches with it great. thanks again.
Very cool. I had forgotten how I had done the straps on my mask. Here's a picture of it. Seems like our masks might be distant cousins. Now you have a mask, why not make a whole costume? Great job