does anybody know how to make a police radar detector so that i dont get so many speeding fines?

guys i have had a search but cant find any details on how to make a radar detector that will fit my motorcycle, the shop purchased ones are a massive cost so i thought i would have a go at making one, however very little information about so im stuffed!!

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Laser Gun Police LIDAR is getting common in US i read & is most use over here in Britain plus the unmanned camera's all over Europe, only a Laser Jammer can stop or delay them getting a reading (I can help here). The $20-$30 detectors have them Thankfully, I recommend the Cobra range I have 2.


I did see a US guy who made a pretty god one he used and posted the diagrams-photos. Inside every detector you find an Alloy funnel/ wave guide (see pic) this concentrates the weak signals down at the bottom where there is a specific sensitive Diode, I think it's a Schotty or similar?? super sensitive type that only picks up the 10-35 Ghz signals, (I am looking for them now hence finding your post). He even had 3 tiny different length antenna's to boost sensitivity.I am looking at drawing these into a device myself (plus auxiliary electronic bits and bobs)so if I have any joy with experiments I may post it here.The Cobra Types are so darned reasonable and very sensitive I have bought 3 in total all from US. Maybe get a $20 delivered one from China which basic but do work OK I have had 2. Dave in England-Britain.

orksecurity7 years ago
First, check your local and state laws; these are illegal in some areas. Basically, the radar detector is a radio receiver, tuned to the frequencies most often used by radar guns, with the output fed into a circuit which measures the signal strength and triggers the warning light/sound/whatever when it's "strong enough". Finding out what the frequencies are, and deciding what "strong enough" means, are going to take some research. I don't know what the frequencies are, but I do know they're the same (microwave?) frequencies used by some alarm systems. Expect a lot of false positives if driving in a business district. Of course, many police departments have switched from radar to lidar. A lidar detector is more work, and basically isn't useful because by the time it triggers you've already been "painted" and they know your speed. Purely personal opinion: If you're getting too many speeding fines, that's a strong hint that you're driving badly. Slow down. Motorcycles are dangerous enough when driven cautiously.
Agree 100% with all of the above. Really, from the perspective of an emergency first responder (I'm not a cop ;-P), people argue that they're safe drivers. Fact, the faster you go, the longer it takes to stop, regardless of your skill level. The longer it takes to stop means the longer the 'window' at which you're likely to hit something, and likely to hit something at a damaging speed. The relationship is exponential. Speeding, tailgaiting, and running reds should be punished much more severely.
I'd add drunk driving to your list, Frollard. A car is a deadly weapon. If you don't treat it with the respect it deserves, it can and will hurt someone. If you're _lucky_, that someone will just be you.
 Don't get drunk and drive; get high and fly

my mom always speeds by at least 30mph
Your mom needs more speeding fines.
she gets pulled over alot on car trips its my job to look for coppers
You should levy a fee for this service.
very good idea i will have to try that
jubilantkiwi (author) 7 years ago
thanks for the tech info regarding the radar freq's i will look into the application date provided by my local police department here in new zealand and from there work out the best approach thanks again guys
madrasi7 years ago
You have one with you allready at all times, its called your "foot" just lift your foot more on the pedal. Most people think its kool or fun to speed everytime you get behind the wheel but if it is one of my family members that you hit because you think its kool to speed, then theres going to be a big problem. I've allready had two family members die because of some punk kids haveing fun with their dadys cars. Think about that when you put your foot on that pedal the next time you get in that vehical. CAN YOU LIVE WITH KILLING SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE YOUR IN A HURRY FOR NO REAL REASON.........
jubilantkiwi (author)  madrasi7 years ago
i feel sorry for your situation however i didnt ask for a rant on speeding just on the need for a detector, oh and im 35 years old so no kid and im an advanced driver with the armed forces...so quite some skill and its not for driving its for a motorcycle! the main reason for deaths on the road isnt speeding either, go check the stats , its about people not being attentive to the task they do, using mobiles, smoking and eating are all causes...kids in the back screaming, being tired are just a few of the killers on the roads... i will also be dropping the sirte admins a quick mail with regards to the threatening tone of your post ( the big problem comment )
NachoMahma7 years ago
. As orksecurity points out, you are probably driving in a manner that draws attention to yourself ("badly") - weaving, sudden stops, &c. Learn to blend in.
Kiteman7 years ago
The cheapest option is "don't speed".
mad magoo7 years ago
Yeah, I'm going to agree with orksecurity's personal opinion and say that it's easier, safer, and cheaper simply to drive the speed limit.