does anybody know how to use text to replace the lines in a fingerprint?

I want to use my fingerprint and replace the pattern with the text from my bio

CrLz5 years ago
You could use Inkscape to laboriously do this.  It has a feature that allows you to define a path for text to be placed on and follow.  The path can be any Bezier curve.

So you could scan your fingerprint, transform the bitmap into a vector graphic, and then start typing text along defined paths.  I put "OUCH" text to path on the attached image, for my Super Toilet Plunger ible.

Lots of drudgery, but I like your idea.  Would be interesting to see / please post an ible if you finish!
FIG ouch problem.jpg
iceng5 years ago
A bit of hardware and a flash drive should do it for your finger..