does anyone have a good resource for introduction to microcontrollers?

I'm talking absolute idiot here. like, imbecile. dumb.  I'm going to need to start from scratch.
I just want to know the easiest and quickest route to this, be it a website, a book, or a class.

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gmoon7 years ago
Try searching "micro controller" here on instructables.

How to choose a Microcontroller and Ghetto Programming: Getting started with AVR... are two of my faves. The "How to choose" page will help you pick a micro that works for you.

I am personally biased toward AVRs, and this tuxgraphics page by Guido Socher was my introduction. It's a little dated now--uisp has been largely replaced by avrdude--but still a very info source (and it's the same approach as the Ghetto Programming ible.)

BTW, that "ghetto programmer" is a homemade "DAPA"-type parallel port ISP interface, so you'll need an older computer with a working parallel port. Otherwise, buy a USB programmer at adafruit or sparkfun...

nadav7 years ago
 I would get an Arduino, and visit their website "" . It has great resources, and the online forum is unbelievably useful.
It doesn't help you right down to the metal. If you really want to understand microcontrollers, and not their programming environments you need to focus on the uC itself - down AT the metal, there are enough similarities between uCs that the ideas are transferrable.

Steve, with 25 years of uC experience
NICE link.

You might however like to try
....I helped write it....
kelseymh7 years ago
I think Re-Design actually meant these.  The sentiment, however, is shared by all.
Re-design7 years ago
Try these.  Although once you get a handle on these you'll have to go father afield.