does anyone have an instructable on how to motorize a couch?

any kind of motorized couch would work for me, just something simple using maybe shopping cart wheels and a chainsaw motor or something

psymansays8 years ago
You know, the wheelbase on a couch would make for unstable steering. If you're brave, though, you could try a differential drive system (like a tank, where the tracks can go different speeds, even opposite directions, to steer).

You could attach caster wheels to the front (biggest diameter you can find), and use some car batteries, electric scooter motors, chains, sprockets, and scooter speed controllers, to run each of the rear wheels. has pretty reasonable prices. I would get sets of at least 24V, 500W controllers, for something as heavy as a couch.
gmxx8 years ago
i havent seen one. you will need to be able to fabricate your own parts...

some hepful links: