does anyone have any good veggie costumes?

  I am going to be in a parade and our theme is Healthy Eating, so I was thinking it would be funny to have a bunch of people dressed as carrots and other vegetables pulling a float.
Any thoughts?

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JohnJY7 years ago
 OH! Make Bob and Larry costumes from Veggie Tales! (Using Kiteman's link for the build.)
that would be awesome
Kiteman7 years ago
You could all go as pumpkins.
ladycroft108 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
 Um....yah, not exactly what I was looking for! Did I mention this is for a parade? 
can't imagine that would be comfortable for long stretches of time;)
So make papier mache versions, and line them with something soft.

Jayefuu7 years ago