does anyone here play robot rage?

I was wondering if anyone on instructables played robot rage.

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jae26 years ago
Well I do and the best forum is

RobotChaser7 years ago
Yes I play since July 2005 and never quit, we are trying to revive the game now, check out my web page http://rrlobbychat.tk/  ( you can play robot rage and chat with other players at same time)
 Got kind of boring, I realized the only fun happened when you had to pay for it.
matstermind (author)  M4industries7 years ago
you don't have to pay for it
 But the weapons packages cost money. And they give you a HUGE advantage.
I used to.
Robot Rage7 years ago
I do, try www.robotrage.110mb.com
it is the official robot rage chat