does anyone know a good source of barrels?

I am looking for some barrels to do some projects with, but i am not sure where to get them from, im looking for 55 gallon drums, any suggestions?

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rbr bags8 years ago
Im wth a company called RBR Bags. We sell 55 gallon cardboard barrels with metal lock ring tops, We are in GA, Interested? Let me know at
Raoul.Duke8 years ago , ,, craigslist, car washes.
good luck!
bill35048 years ago
Rual king has them for around #10 ea
dianakbrown8 years ago
I live out in the country in Texas and we have different people who sale both metal 55 gal drums and plastic 55 gal drums for $10-$15. Look in the country around where you live.

Inlet, outlet, strainer basket, overflow, spigot...

everything you need...

we're proud to offer them.. hope you will check them out

Tank STurnoss

Decorative_Rain_Barrel.jpg300 Gallon Rain Barrel.JPG
For barrels with more friendly contents, try car washes, restaurants with soda machines, and stores that sell bulk olives.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. A lot of them are recycled nowadays, but try plants, factories, &c. They frequently get lubricants in barrels.
mikeasaurus8 years ago
I'd say that any freight yard, train yard, or best of all dock, would be your best bet. Some storage facilities or warehouse districts would be a great place to start. Be aware though that many of the barrels were used to store substances which are less than friendly to humans, so any project using these barrels needs to be carefully considered before implementing. If you do manage to find a good cache maybe throw up where you found it, I'm sure you're not the only one who's looking. Good luck!