does anyone know an easy(ish) way to engrave a guitar pick???

I have a regular guitar pick, and one i've made out of a cd, and as it is a gift I'd like to engrave something on it. Does anyone know how i might go about this? or what materials i should use? thanks!

aeray8 years ago
Depending on what it is made of (plastic, I'm assuming) coat it in melted wax, scratch through the wax to make your design, and then dip in acetone. Let it sit for a few seconds, then rinse it well with water and flake off the wax. You might want to practice a bit on another old CD to get the timing right. Alternatively, find a buddy with a laser cutter...
frollard8 years ago
An electric engraver might work...

either that or a dremmel with an engraving tip; difference being one vibrates a sharp point, the other spins an abrasive point to similar effect.  Both are sadly hard to wield accurately (read: Artistically)
Burf8 years ago
Scrimshaw. Draw your design on the pick with a Sharpie and use a carbide scribe or an awl to scratch the design into the plastic. Then darken the scratches with the Sharpie to make them stand out.