does anyone know how to connect this cirocomm gps module ?

there is  a 8 pins connector with no indication at all  :-(

Picture of does anyone know how to connect this cirocomm gps module ?
That's a Cerocomm PE-36 module.

NOTE this is a 3.3V supply module - to use the serial interface you'll need a level converter, unless you use it to communicate directly with a processor ALSO running on 3.3v

rastactivist (author) 4 years ago
Thanks a lot Steve
i would like to try to connect it with my arduino uno
any clues ?
You've got to do something to get the 3v3 logic/supply to the GPS and the 5V logic of the Arduino sorted out. Tricky. You need to use 3v3 logic level translators really, like the 74HCT series to get from 3V3 to 5V and the 74HCseries to go from 5V to 3v3.

If your eyesight is VERY good, then the MC74VHC1GT125 is a lovely (LITTLE) part for a single logic line, because you can run it on 3v3 or 5V depending which way your signal is going.
rastactivist (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Thanks again

your advice + this web site:

and it works !!!!
IMAG0115.jpgserial port gps.JPG