does anyone know how to fix the laser on the psp? it always clicks whenever i put in a game to play

whenever i have a game in my psp it starts making a clicking noise and it wont load the game. when i opened the back to remove the game. i pressed the loading button and i noticed the red laser wont light up to read the game. and it started to click again. doesn anyone know how i can fix it for free?! please help me. i have been having this problem for about 3 years and i still havent figured out how to fix it?

pour acid on it like urine from a lizard and that should fix it up
frollard7 years ago
It's probably pooched. The laser trolley is a very precise mechanism and if the stepper/worm gear is shot then it's done for. You might find a new laser module on a website like dealextreme, but that's not free.