does anyone know how to make a cheap train horn?

 I really want a LOUD horn. I got a face full of airbag this spring and I think a louder horn may have helped. and not only then either. a beep beep just dont convey the feelings I feel some times<:(

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bandonloren6 years ago
There is a guy that sells plans for a pvc train horn on ebay. Plans are around $14.
He has video on utube. Info at:
Did you ever make the train horn? Just wondering as I want to do the same thing. Here's a site that sells kits:

and here's a diagram of how it works, perhaps this could help you make it yourself. I'd be very interested to see how this works for you; keep us all updated and make an ible if you do it.

Wiring Diagram.gif
A car with a train horn would be pretty awesome. I personally have always wanted one of those old "aooga" type horns for my car.
l8nite7 years ago
Train horns were popular in cars a few yrs ago then a lot of places passed laws banning them because they really are THAT loud... Making your own w/o a well stocked shop would most likely be prohibitivly expensive. Like Kite says though you can buy airhorns at most auto parts stores, many of the larger truck stops will have some really big horns that need a massive airtank or try the electric versions available at marine supply stores.
JCWHITNEY always has a number of horns
Kiteman7 years ago
You can buy air-horns for your car (I had a set under the bonnet of my first Mini - boy, did that surprise people!).

If you want to make rather than buy, then use an air-compressor to run a scaled up version of this project.
jeff-o7 years ago
You could probably find an inexpensive truck airhorn on eBay that could be mounted in your car.  A train horn is probably overkill.