does anyone know how to make a truncheon without using a lathe?

hi everyone i need to know how to make a thumper

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onrust6 years ago
Are you going to walk around with a billy club? Why not use a cane? You can get one with a metal ball or a skull and you may be able to use some staff techniques. I commented here on the dowel/closet rod BUT that wood is SOFT. Use a shovel handle if you must..... a pick handle fits my hand better. You can also go to a truck stop and get a "tire checker" OR, they sell "fish clubs" at bait and tackle shops. What I recommend is a Slap Jack and put it behind your wallet. BUT...... Please check with your local and state officials on the legalities of this matter!
rdmiller36 years ago
Go to a home supply store which sells stair-rails, spindles and balusters. The middle section of the turned spindles is a good shape for a truncheon and you can usually get them in a good, solid red oak.

All you have to do is cut the extra spindle off the ends and use a little sandpaper to smooth the cuts. Finish the wood however you like.

Add a hand guard and a ring pommel easily with other hardware-store parts. A flat steel fence-gate handle (or a flat piece of steel with holes drilled in the ends) can form the hand guard. Bend one end of the hand guard so that it covers the bottom end of the truncheon. Substitute a thick screw-eye for the bottom screw to make a pommel which also serves as a good place to attach a strap or thong if you like.
esemjay6 years ago
make an improvised lathe out of a power drill. Use a nail in one end of your blank as a center and a bolt with the head cut off in the other. Place the bolt in the drill chuck. Clamp down the drill trigger (okay not the safest idea I know). I wouldn't use chisels because the RPM's and torque are gonna be a little low but a rasp would work fine. Especially if you roughed out the shape ahead of time.
One very crude approach would be to use PVC pipe. It could be filled with shot or sand or left empty per your needs.
daniel123456789 (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
that is good idea but don t have any laying around
If you are concerned about cost, using PVC would cost less than $5, including fittings, even if you had to buy a whole 10 foot length of 1" pipe.
daniel123456789 (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
that could be an approach but i dont have ant lying around
daniel123456789 (author)  diyoutdoorsman6 years ago
looks like a nice club and is made out of cedar a really strong wood
frollard6 years ago
It's a stick...start with dowel and carve until the right shape.
daniel123456789 (author)  frollard6 years ago
yeah it is isnt it it never crossed my mind that they are
so what size dowell should i use about 1 inch round or bigger if you can get bigger
Use a closet rod. Then drill the end and put a few fishing weights in it. BUT, dowels and closet rods are soft and will break...... So, make that first hit a good one!
Whatever fits best in your hand. 1 inch would be a good place to start.
caarntedd6 years ago
What about a leather one filled with lead shot?
lemonie6 years ago

Start with a piece of tree, carve it with a knife.
E.g. this "thumper"