does anyone know how to search the instructbles site and NOT the Google site?

Don't mean to be dumb but.....does anyone know how to search the instructbles site and NOT the Google site?

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There is the search box in the top-right of the page.

The search facility is just provided by google, it still only searches the site.
AndyGadget5 years ago
I much prefer the 'graphical search' (also linked to the RHS of the 'search' box) which allows you to select what sort of item you are looking for; Instructables, answers, forum topics or groups, and I find it more thorough, faster and generally more usable.
The google search was an 'upgrade'.
canucksgirl5 years ago
"The Skinnerz" was almost completely correct. You want to use the search box (to the far right of the main menu (under the "Woodworking" link), but the results you get are mixed. Generally the first few results are Google related links, and then everything below that will be Instructable links. You should be able to tell the difference, unless under some strange circumstances, your "keywords" do not relate to any topic, question or Instructable, in which case there would be no Instructable links.

(I hope that helps). ;-)
Drboyd (author) 5 years ago
Thank you both. Canusksgirl - I see what you mean. I dislike googles policies so I don't like using their products. I was hoping there was another option. Thanks,B
There is another option, and that's just using the "Explore" menu choice. I don't know if that will help you find something specific, but each Instructable is categorized and sub-categorized. So lets say you want to see all Instructables that are related to furniture. You'd start by clicking on Explore, then click on "Workshop" from the menu you'll find on your left, and then select "Furniture" as the subcategory. You can then filter the Instructables based on "editor's picks" (which are the Instructables that were "featured" by staff), or "recent", "popular", etc.

Again, I don't know if that helps you or not, but it's a way to look through Instructables based on your areas of interest.