does anyone know how to waterproof firecrackers?

does anyone know how to make firecrackers waterproof, like so I can drop them in water and they'll go off?

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west49rules8 years ago
Use ALOT of duct tape, thats what i do, put enough so its water proof and the wick is sticks out once the wick burns through and makes a hole for water to enter in its already set the firecracker off. And once a firecracker is set off you cant stop it, not even with water
Just buy 'em that way. Almost all of the other posts here will probably wreck 'em, and might not be safe. Google it. They ship nice relialiable, well-made consumer grade fireworks almost everywhere these days.
pryoman17 years ago
Most firecrackers are already water proof(depending on the brand)

An Villain7 years ago
they sell waterproof firecrackers, here is a link.
100 per box, safety fuse, the works.
Berkin8 years ago
Spray-on waterproof finish, usually meant for paintings and such.
Ya, dip in wax.
trf8 years ago
Well i know they make those water proof matches by dipping them in thin layer of wax....could try it....